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Student Loan Counseling Requirements

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Loan Entrance and Exit Requirements

Before students can borrow under the Federal Direct Student Loan Program, they must complete a requirement known as an “Entrance Counseling” or sometimes called an “Entrance Interview”. This is not the kind of interview that requires you to get dressed up; in fact, it is not really an “interview” at all. The Entrance and Exit Counseling processes are completely on-line, and contain a tutorial about how student loans work, and the student’s rights and responsibilities as a borrower. This is important information to have prior to taking out a student loan, and the on-line Exit Counseling is an important refresher when you finish school and must start making loan payments.

Entrance Counseling

Quest College students use the Direct Lending Entrance Counseling on-line process provided by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) to fulfill the Entrance Counseling requirement. The above link can be used to access the web site. All students wishing to receive a federal student loan must complete this requirement before their loan can be processed by the College.

Exit Counseling

Prior to graduating or upon exiting (withdrawing) prior to graduation, student borrowers will be reminded of their responsibility to complete Exit Counseling. Student borrowers will complete the process via an on-line Direct Lending Exit Counseling on-line process provided by the DOE. Each exiting student will also be provided an informational brochure and a loan information printout by the College that details his/her indebtedness according to the College’s records.

Student borrowers who leave Quest College without graduating and who do not contact the Financial Aid Office directly will be sent an Exit Counseling packet, including informational materials and a loan balance printout, via postal mail. The packet will also instruct the borrower to utilize the on-line Exit Counseling process on the Direct Lending website.

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