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The Quest College Harold E. Martin Scholarship Award is in recognition of the late Harold E Martin, co-founder of Quest College. Mr. Martin was a career school pioneer and innovator that recognized the need for deserving students to attend Quest College.

An individual may be awarded one Harold E. Martin Scholarship Award for each new enrollment in a discipline not previously completed at Quest College. To be considered for this scholarship award an individual must meet one of the following three eligibility categories and complete the scholarship application:

1) Candidate who has graduated from High School or completed GED within the last 60 months

2) Candidate who is sponsored by a regulatory agency or nationally recognized organization

3) Candidate who is a returning Quest College graduate

Award amounts are as follows:


    $1000 upon successful completion of qualified diploma programs or a $1500 scholarship upon completion of qualified Associate Degree programs.


    $500 scholarship upon successful completion of qualified diploma programs or a $1000 scholarship upon completion of qualified Associate Degree programs.


4) Veteran Scholarship Program

Effective April 1, 2021, in honor of the military service provided by America’s Veterans and their dependents, Quest College is offering a scholarship to veterans and their dependents at graduation who meet the following conditions:

Funding Levels

Quest College has established funding for this scholarship program in the amount of $65,000 for the fiscal year 2021. The College may increase this amount in the event demand for this scholarship exceeds current expectations.

Veterans can receive up to $2,000 from this scholarship.


  • The recipient must file an application to receive the scholarship.
  • The student must be in attendance fulltime at the institution.
  • The recipient must be enrolled in a 900-clock hour or an associate’s program.
  • The student must be receiving Veterans benefits during the period of their enrollment within which the scholarship applies.
  • Student must successfully complete the program.
  • The student’s application must be received no earlier than 30 days prior to his/her graduation date and will awarded at graduation.
  • In all respects, the student must be in good standing with the College.
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