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Refunds and Return to Title IV (R2T4)

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Student Financial Responsibility: Students who withdraw from the College or whose enrollment is otherwise terminated may be entitled to a refund of tuition paid in advance, or may owe funds to the College to cover unpaid tuition.  Additionally, the College may attempt to collect any funds from a student that the College was required to return to the financial aid programs as a result of this policy.

Cancellation Policy: A full refund will be made to any student who has had a tour of the College’s facilities and cancels the enrollment contract within 72 hours (until midnight of the third day excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays) after the enrollment contract is signed, or within the student’s first three scheduled class days if the student has not toured the College’s facilities.

Tuition and Fees Refund Policy: Refund computations will be based on scheduled instructional time of class attendance through the last date of attendance.  Leaves of absence, suspensions and school holidays will not be counted as part of the scheduled class attendance

The effective date of termination for refund purposes will be the earliest of the following:

(a) The last day of attendance, if the student is terminated by the College;

(b) The date of receipt of written notice from the student; or

(c) Ten school days following the last date of attendance.

If tuition and fees were collected in advance of entrance, and if after expiration of the 72 hour cancellation privilege the student does not enter school, not more than $100 in nonrefundable administrative fees shall be retained by the College for the entire program.

If a student enters a program and withdraws or is otherwise terminated, the College will retain the $25 Registration Fee. The College will also retain the pro-rata portion of tuition and fees through the last date of attendance for the semester (credit hour programs) or the program (for clock hour programs), except that the College will retain 100% of the charges (no refund) if the last date of attendance represents 75 percent or more of the semester (credit hour programs) or the program (for clock hour programs).

Refunds for items of extra expense to the student, such as books, tools, or other supplies are handled separately from refund of tuition and other academic fees. The student will not be required to purchase instructional supplies, books and tools until such time as these materials are required. Once these materials are purchased, no refund will be made.  Books and supplies which have been billed, but not issued, will be fully refunded.

More simply, the refund is based on the number of instructional hours the student has paid for, but not yet used, at the point of termination, up to the 75% completion mark, after which no refund is due.

A student who withdraws for a reason unrelated to the student’s academic status after the 75 percent completion mark and requests a grade at the time of withdrawal shall be given a grade of “incomplete” and permitted to re-enroll in the course or program during the 12-month period following the date the student withdrew without payment of additional tuition for that portion of the course or program.

A full refund of all tuition and fees is due and refundable if an enrollee is not accepted by the College; if the course of instruction is discontinued by the College preventing the student from completing the course; or if the student’s enrollment was procured as a result of any misrepresentation in advertising, promotional materials of the College, or representations by the owner or representatives of the College. (A full or partial refund may also be due in other circumstances of program deficiencies or violations of requirements for career schools and colleges).

Refund Policy for Students Called to Active Military Service: A student who withdraws from the College as a result of the student being called to active duty in a military service of the United States or the Texas National Guard may elect one of the following options for each program in which the student is enrolled:

(a) If tuition and fees are collected in advance of the withdrawal, a prorated refund of any tuition, fees, or other charges paid by the student for the program and a cancellation of any unpaid tuition, fees, or other charges owed by the student for the portion of the semester (credit hour programs) or the program (for clock hour programs) the student does not complete following withdrawal;

(b) A grade of incomplete with the designation “withdrawn-military” for the courses in the program, other than courses for which the student has previously received a grade on the student’s transcript, and the right to re-enroll in the program, or a substantially equivalent program if that program is no longer available, not later than the first anniversary of the date the student is discharged from active military duty without payment of additional tuition, fees, or other charges for the program other than any previously unpaid balance of the original tuition, fees, and charges for books for the program; or

(c) The assignment of an appropriate final grade or credit for the courses in the program, but only if the instructor or instructors determine that the student has satisfactorily completed at least 90 percent of the required coursework for the course/program; and demonstrated sufficient mastery of the course/program material to receive credit for completing.

Timing of Refund Transactions: The payment of refunds will be completed such that the refund has been negotiated or credited into the proper account(s), within 60 days after the effective date of termination.

Return To Title IV (R2T4): When a student withdraws or his/her enrollment is otherwise terminated, the College will not only calculate the amount of tuition/fees that will be refunded to the student (if any), but also the amount of financial aid that must be returned to the financial aid programs (if any). This process is referred to as “Return to Title IV” (R2T4).  The calculation of Title IV financial aid funds earned/unearned by the student has no relationship to the student’s tuition and fees that may be owed to the College. The R2T4 calculation will be performed using forms and/or software provided by the US Department of Education for that purpose.

Title IV funds are earned in a prorated manner based upon scheduled clock hours for clock-hour programs, and calendar days (not including any College breaks of four days or more) for credit-hour programs. R2T4 is required up to the 60% point in the payment period based upon the appropriate proration methodology.  Title IV aid is viewed as 100% earned after that point in time.

A Brief Summary of the Federal R2T4 Formula:

Step One: Determine the percentage of the payment period (or period of enrollment) the student attended before withdrawing.

Step Two: Determine the amount of Title IV aid earned by multiplying the total Title IV aid (other than FWS) for which the student qualified by the percentage of time enrolled.

Step Three: Compare the amount earned to the amount disbursed. If less aid was disbursed than was earned, the student may receive a late disbursement for the difference. If more aid was disbursed than was earned, determine the amount of Title IV aid that must be returned (i.e., that was unearned) by subtracting the earned amount from the amount actually disbursed.

Step Four: Allocate the responsibility for returning unearned aid between the College and the student according to the portion of disbursed aid that could have been used to cover institutional charges and the portion that could have been disbursed directly to the student once institutional charges were covered.

Step Five: Distribute the unearned aid back to the Title IV programs.

The College will return unearned funds required per the federal calculation within 45 days from the date the College determines the student withdrew (date of determination).  The date of determination for the R2T4 process is the same date as the “effective date of termination” from the Tuition and Fees Refund Policy.  The College will notify the student in writing of any amount of funds that must be returned by the student.

Post-Withdrawal Disbursement: In the case of additional financial aid funds that have not been disbursed but are eligible to be used for tuition and fees after the R2T4 calculation, the College will advise the student and/or parent that they have 14 calendar days to accept a post-withdrawal disbursement.  If a response is not received from the student and/or parent within the permitted time frame or the student declines the funds, the College will not request any earned funds from Title IV programs.

Withdrawal Date for Refund Calculations: The effective date used for R2T4 calculations shall be the student’s last date of attendance (LDA).
Financial Aid Programs Refund Sequence: Unearned funds returned by the College or the student must be credited to outstanding balances on Title IV loans made to the student or on behalf of the student for the payment period or period of enrollment for which a return of funds is required. Those funds will be credited to outstanding balances in the following order:

  1. Unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loan
  2. Subsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loan
  3. Federal Direct PLUS Loan received on behalf of the student

If unearned funds remain to be returned after repayment of all outstanding loan amounts, the remaining excess must be credited to any amount awarded for the payment period or period of enrollment in the following order:

  1. Federal Pell Grant
  2. Other grant or loan assistance authorized by Title IV of the Higher Education Act

Overpayments: Any amount of unearned federal grant funds that a student must return directly is called an “overpayment”.  The maximum amount of a grant overpayment is one half of the grant funds received or scheduled to be received.  Students in this circumstance must make arrangements with the College and/or the U.S. Department of Education to return the unearned grant funds.  Failure to do so will result in loss of future eligibility for Federal Student Aid.

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