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You enrolled at Quest College because you knew you needed education to be successful in your career. Of course, that education is specific to your field. But what about education for handling your money? Have you ever been “trained” in how to handle your personal finances, make a personal budget, or manage your credit score? Do you have the right tools for the job of building your financial future?

The tools and links on this page are provided by Quest College to give you the Personal Financial Education you need – to be as prepared and successful in your personal business as you will be when working in your chosen career.

Recommended Site

Our most highly-recommended personal financial education site is “CashCourse”, a comprehensive personal financial education site with a great deal of valuable information. This free site offers tips to help you learn to get the most out of your money. We strongly encourage you to visit them at www.cashcourse.org.

Other Financial Training Sites

Of course, there are numerous other sites which provide similar services and personal financial education. The list below offers some different options for you. A particular site may be more appealing to you or more appropriate to your current financial or family situation. We recommend you spend some time reviewing some alternate sites and see which one fits you the best:

  • Smart About Money – A broad-based site for adults in all phases of life – from the on set of your career through retirement. www.smartaboutmoney.org
  • 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy – A comprehensive site with specific sections for college students, working adults, veterans, and more. www.360financialliteracy.org
  • Jump $tart Coalition for Financial Literacy – This site is designed for students, from pre-K to college. It also has useful information for parents of young children. www.jumpstart.org
  • My Money Financial Education – A federal site combining information from twenty-one different federal agencies and departments. www.mymoney.gov
  • 40 Money Management Tips – A site dedicated to college students, and particularly those students who are under twenty-four years of age. www.smartaboutmoney.org

Targeted Sites

The links below provide information on certain specific topics in managing your personal finances:

  • Identity Theft The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – site with information about preventing identity theft and recovering after the fact. www.consumer.ftc.gov
  • Guide to Credit Cards – A Federal Reserve System site credit cards, from interest rates and fees to repayment options (also has some spanish content). www.consumerfinance.gov/credit-cards
  • America Saves – A not-for-profit site dedicated to helping people save money, reduce debt, and gain wealth. www.americasaves.org
  • Feed the Pig – Another site dedicated to strategies for saving money. www.feedthepig.org
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