“My experience with Quest College has been very beneficial. With the help of Quest College I obtained employment as a Certified Nurses Aid in the few weeks I have been attending. I have also learned more about my field then I expected. I am very excited to continue on with Quest College in the near future to complete my dream of becoming a LVN.”

-Krischion N, Current Patient Care Technician Student

“Quest College has been a great experience. They have awesome instructors and they teach you everything you need to know.”

-Samantha G, Current Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Technician Student

“The staff at Quest College is amazing; they are friendly and know what they are teaching. The hand on experience is cool because instead of practicing on dolls were you can find everything, you have the opportunity to practice on your friends and actually learn. The classes are small but they are always friendly people”

-Juan L, Current Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Technician Student

“The most memorable time at Quest College was my first day of class. I was nervous because I thought I couldn’t do it., because I have a learning disability. I was able to learn, thanks to everyone’s help.  My entire class kept each other focused and held each other accountable. We kept encouraging each other to get through the program. It really helped out a lot.
Now that I am a graduate my advice to students just beginning their education with Quest College is to focus and take advantage of all the help that is provided.
I now work as a Companion for Community Assisted Living and Associate Benefits (Calab Inc). ”

-Cherie B, Nurse Aid Graduate

“My experience at Quest College has been pretty amazing. I love the way the teachers are. They are very educated and know what they are talking about both from hands on experience and book knowledge. Most of the time the classrooms are very small which makes us students feel we are priority and that’s just pertaining to the classroom, the lab personally I feel is the best place to learn all the stuff we are going to be using in the real world. I never feel alone when I’m in the lab, and if I have a question about anything the teacher (Ms. Mendez) is always their by our sides guiding and helping us out. I recommend this college to anybody trying to take a new career path; because once you graduate you will feel confident and ready for the real world.”

-Mike G, Current Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Technician Student

“For about ten years before coming to Quest College I worked in retail. Although I loved my customers, it seemed like I saw them more than my son. I knew that my son and I deserved better. I loved learning things at Quest College and getting closer to a better life. Now as a Medical Assistant at Doctor At Your Service, I perform blood draws, take vital signs, conduct phone triage, and assist with home health services & hospice care!”

-Tiffany Richuber, Medical Assistant Graduate

“Quest College has surprised me in all good ways. The classes are small and the staff has been nothing but friendly. They make me feel comfortable and like I can do anything. I am very pleased with every experience I’ve had here and I am glad I chose this school. We do lots of hands on which makes me feel confident that I can succeed once I become a certified Medical Assistant.

-Sarah L, Current Medical Assistant Student

“Quest College has been a blessing to not only me but my family as well allowing me to further my education. The staff is very friendly and always helpful in whatever each student needs. Each mod always has hands on activities. Being in the lab allows us to get the hands on experience and the feel for our specialties. The instructors are very knowledgeable and make me feel confident in going into the medical field.”

-Roxanne M, Current Medical Assistant Student

“The class was very friendly and there was always communication. This made learning fun and provided a sense of security from my classmates that were also learning the same material. Everyone at Quest College was there to help me and other students.
Before pursuing an education at Quest College I was unemployed and living in California. I now work as the Senior Director of Property Management and Marketing for Core Commercial as well as run my own business Sacore Maintenance and Landscaping.”

-Summer Zapata, Business Administration Graduate

“Quest College has been by far the best school I have attended. Instructors are amazing and very caring for their students. I’m very pleased to be a returning student and to achieve my goals from here.”

-Abigay A, Current Medical Assistant Student

The teachers are very knowledgeable and bring past experiences into the classroom. The classes are small allowing for more on-on-one. I’ve enjoyed going here and know that when I graduate, I will be prepared for my career.”

-Tonya G, Current Medical Assistant Student

“All the staff at Quest College would help and talk to you like they were your family. It was very easy to learn in the welcoming environment”

-Gloria Ann Casias, Medical Assistant Graduate

“When I moved back to San Antonio I knew I wanted to pursue the medical field. Thankfully Quest College gave me exactly what I was looking for, when it came to hours, education and staff. The teachers are awesome and help with understanding the curriculum. I am able to attend school and still be able to pick up my son on time from school. Thank you Quest College for all the awesome things you have done and will do.”

-Crystal M, Current Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Technician Student

“Quest College is the Bomb.com and really great!”

-Samantha G, Current Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Technician Student

Everyone has their ups and downs in life, but what matters is how you truly handle those ups and down! I personally knew I needed to make a change in my life, in order to be successful, how that was done I wasn’t quite sure yet, and it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do as well. After thinking on it and procrastinating, I knew, in order to stop getting passed up for promotions and being told I did not meet certain qualifications, I decided to go back to school and at least get certified in something.

In 2012, My wife Graduated from Quest College, only then it was called Career Quest, the year of the Name Transition! That year, we decided to move to Tennessee, for family. I chose Quest College based on the simple fact that they went above and beyond to help my wife look for and ACTUALLY GET a GREAT job, in Tennessee, BEFORE we even moved! I don’t believe other institutions would go so far and when I made my decision to “Be The Boss”, as I walked around telling everyone, I knew that the Business Administration Program at Quest, was Definitely for me!

We made a decision to move back to San Antonio, as there’s no place like HOME! Coming back to San Antonio, my wife had no issues finding a job immediately with her MIMS Certification. She now has a job making around $50,000 Annually. As for me, I Completed my Certification and not even a week out of class, I now hold a GREAT, (and Easy), Position….(although I’m not the BOSS)… I Still start at $30,000 Annually, with a really good possibility of getting raises and some great benefits, including my birthday as a paid holiday!

Ms. Mull was a Great Instructor! Ms. Cantu was fantastic in helping me find this Dream Job. Honestly, I could not have done better on my own, I’m a PROUD, Quest College Graduate!!!

Andrew Lugardo Contract Analyst/Policy Issuance